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Article: Why Remove A Stump?

Why Remove a Stump? Although this seems self explanatory, maybe you do not know ALL the reasons.......

1. Stumps are a liability issue:
          The cost to remove your tree stump (s) from your property can become one of your best investments from a liability legality associated with foot injuries and tripping hazards usually from recreational activities in your own yard or  municipal parks, private institutions and retail business establishments.

2. Stumps ruin the beauty of lawns and xeriscape yards:
         A stump on aesthetically designed grounds can diminish the overall appearance greatly.
Stump removal is the best option in order to regain and achieve the artistic

3. Stumps are a haven for termites:
          Termites feed on dried or rotting wood materials such as tree stumps,
cardboard boxes and woodpiles. This makes it all the more important to remove your stump (s) from your property to help prevent wood insects, Wood boring larva found inside a stump.  DAJones@holdstillproductions.com & black ants & beetles from colonizing and spreading out to any nearby houses or other wooden structures. Ants, rhino wood beetle, wood click beetle, & brown burrowing beetle can all be found in your stump.

4. Stumps damage lawn equipment:
          A stump partially or fully covered in grass or soil can wreak havoc on lawn equipment and especially mowers. Lawnmowers can get chipped or bent blades from hitting stumps.Nicked, chipped or bent blades caused as a result of mowing over an overlooked stump can increase the cost of maintenance as well as shorten the productivity and the life of the equipment.

5. Stumps contribute to damaged sidewalks, driveways and foundations:
          Stump removal is a must before any replacement work is initiated on these types of hardscape settings so repair projects will not need to be redone.

So now you know "The Rest Of The Story" - we know you value your property whether it is Residential or Commercial. An ugly stump or two can also lower your appeal to any potential buyers of your home or make possible customers of your commercial business go somewhere else - why risk that?

So Contact Us today we will provide an Express Quote right to your door.

Wondering about our Estimates? Here's how we calculate them.

We are Blue Stake compliant - what you should know before you Dig - however you can count on Got Stump? to take care of that for you too.

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Home Up News Services Got Stump?  Gallery View Our Feedback Links of Interest

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