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Granite Mulch

Granite Mulch Replacement.

        Stump removal from granite mulch covered ground or xeriscape yard would normally a require a fresh application of granite mulch on the hole excavation spot. If the existing ground or yard within the perimeter of the work site contains a decent thickness of granite mulch then we can grade over the excavation spot with the granite mulch to match the appearance with the rest of the ground or yard.  if not applicable then delivery is provided if additional granite mulch is required.

Key Benefits

        Granite mulch is used as a cover substance to decorate landscaped yards, right of ways, driveways and grounds in substitute for grass and shrubbery plants which consume too much water. Property owners do not have the luxury of green vegetation. in the desert vegetation that is not adapted to our regions ( non-native plants) cannot handle very little water as compared to our plants that can handle the extreme heat in the summers. People who move out here from out of state and want grass at home will soon learn it's best to have a desert granite yard with cactus and other arid plants rather then pay a high water bill every month to keep the turf green.


        Granite comes in different sizes and colors for any kind of landscape design and does make the grounds looks good.

Granite Mulch

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Home Up News Resources Got Stump?  Gallery View Our Feedback Links of Interest

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